Top Ten Coffee T-Shirts On The Web

Coffee T-Shirts (A Top Ten)

If you search the web for coffee t-shirts, there are some pretty cute ones out there. Many of them revolve around the addicting aspect of coffee, something most of us caffeine consumers are happy to acknowledge. 

There's actually real science behind this. Caffeine increases dopamine (makes you happier) and adenosine (makes you alert!) in the brain. Watch this video by the ASAP science for a good explanation.

But enough science. We love coffee and that's all that matters. Does anyone really need a scientific lecture when they're in love? 

So, several of us on staff at Redemption Coffee decided to put our love on paper and start designing some images, ideas, and concepts that really worked well, we thought, for a coffee t-shirt. 

If you're a coffee lover, or an honest addict, we hope you like these t-shirts.

Coffee T-Shirt #1 - Caffeination University

Coffee T-shirt

So it's not technically a tee shirt, but we love it just the same. You've been accepted. Celebrate your addiction to caffeine with, err, a cup of caffeine! 

Coffee T-Shirt #2 - Americano


Coffee T-shirt

As legend has it, back in the day when visiting Americans found the Italian espressos too strong, they asked for more water. The Italian baristas obliged by dumping water on top of the shots and thus, the 'Americano' was born. Thanks Italy!

Coffee T-Shirt #3 - New Every Morning

Coffee T-shirt

Being a Kansas company, we're pretty biased over this one. Whoever calls us the flyover state has never lived here or experienced the beauty of sunflower fields, golden wheat, and the landscapes etched by the flint hills. 

Coffee Shirt #4 - The Grind (Barista Life)

Coffee T-Shirt

While working the bar can be a chaotic and sometimes a grind, the truth is we still love it! Baristas, we raise our glass/cup to you!

Coffee Shirt #5 - Aroma Therapy

Coffee T-shirt

We recently ran a caption contest for this shirt, and got some pretty hilarious suggestions. But after it was all said and done, this one seemed to speak to us, like wisdom from an old friend. It was like therapy... 

Coffee Shirt #6 - Espresso Patronum

Coffee T-shirt

A member of our team actually bought this for his wife a few years ago. Yeah, it was a winner. What's not to like? If only you could do this, for real. Oh well, it does "no good to dwell on dreams and forget to live" I suppose. 

Coffee T-Shirt #7 - I Need Coffee

Coffee T-shirt

Finally, someone willing to speak the truth. #PREACH #YEEEEEEEEES

If you know where to buy this, send us the link, we lost it... :( 

Coffee T-Shirt #8 - I Need Coffee

 Coffee T-shirt

If you're a trekky, there's no way you're not buying this.


Coffee T-Shirt #9 - May the Froth be with You

Coffee T-shirts

We weren't about to post a trek shirt and leave out the force. Starbucks and Storm troopers. Makes you wonder. Did Yoda drink espresso, or drip? 

Coffee T-Shirt #10 - Espresso Italia (Pay Homage)

Coffee T-shirt

Where all the shots began, literally. When it comes to coffee, we owe a lot to Italy. Sweet dark roasts, a little robusta for the crema, you gotta respect both the history and ingenuity from "the beautiful country." Also, this is the first American-Italian shirt ever printed without a soccer ball on it. Cool, right?

Our Official T-Shirt

Coffee T-shirt

In ancient mythology, when the phoenix died, it caught fire, only to be born again from the ashes.

This vision of redemption connects to everything we do, including redeeming the coffee experience; but especially helping those who bring various forms of redemption to their community. 

And while we all love coffee, and clothes; the truth is that it's people and community that matters the most.

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