There's Something About that Name....

Redemption means more than one thing to us. Actually, it means many things. That's why it found its way into our company name. Everyone loves redemption, right?

When naming a coffee company there are many considerations that come into play. Is the name marketable? Will it play to the coffee crowd? What connotations are there with the name? And most importantly, does the name represent us as a company?

Redemption coffee bags held by two womenRedemption Coffee was started by a group of people who believe that every human has incredible value, no matter what state they find their life in. We know we can't do everything for everyone, but there are organizations out there who are working to help those who can't do for themselves. We can support those guys, right? There are tens of thousands of organizations around the globe who are working to redeem the lives of people in their communities. We have some of those amazing organizations right here in northeast Kansas. So we decided early on that we wanted to give back a portion of our profits every month to organizations who are redeeming the lives of the people in our communities. 

The first organization we decided to pair up with was The Bridge out of Topeka. Their goal is to "empower kids to become servant leaders", and they do that by giving students in schools all across Topeka an adult friend who has lunch with them regularly. This is an adult who just shows up and cares. A real adult friend. The number of students they've worked with is amazing, and some of the stories of lives changed, both students and mentors, are even more incredible.

This is redemption. It's one of the main reasons the word redemption is in our name, and it's one of the biggest reasons we started a coffee roasting company. 

For the rest of 2019 we're giving 10% of profits from our online coffee sales to The Bridge. It's not a staggering amount of money, but we're really excited to be able to pitch in. We know these guys will use the money to truly affect the lives of the children within our community, and that's redemption. 

There's another side to our name, and it actually has to do with coffee. But we'll save that one for another day. 

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