Star Wars Coffee Memes, You're Welcome

Decaf Edition

Ok, so it's not like Luke Skywalker was always drinking that strange blue concoction Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen were forcing down his throat while he worked on droids day and night.
   And it's also a well established fact that NOTHING, not even the force, could have kept Emperor Palpatine awake for all those hologram conference calls (especially the ones with the generals).
   So without further ado, here's a behind the scenes look into a galaxy that needed caffeine, specialty coffee, and the occassional pick-me-up just like everyone else. 
Mandolorians have always been into the underground specialty coffee scene. It's the way, after all.

That's cold, even for the Emperor himself. 

This would have destroyed Rebel morale. D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.E.D.


Stay on target and keep it together, your friends won't understand.


During war, it's the small things.



Yeah you get it! You coffee nerd you!


Decaf Edition is a lighthearted attempt by the Redemption Coffee team to escape the demands and routine of work life in the specialty coffee industry.



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