Jeremy Layden - Head Roaster, Partnerships

Lead Roaster smelling coffee from the tester

Until two years ago Jeremy had never been a coffee drinker. Thankfully, Jonathan guided him towards the light. After a month of daily experimentation with different roasts and brewing styles Jeremy was hooked. 

As a craftsman by trade and hobby, Jeremy has always been someone who searched for perfection and creativity in every medium he pours himself into. He’s a builder, furniture maker and mechanic, and now he’s a tremendous coffee roaster. 

Jeremy is a Jefferson County native, a leader in his church congregation and in his family of six, and his commitment to Redemption Coffee has led the company through some of the more difficult aspects of getting into the roasting business. 

We’re grateful to have him as the hard-worker who uses his nose to find the perfect roasting level for each batch of our coffee.