Jonathan Runyan - Coffee Education


Jonathan hails from Topeka, Kansas. He’s a true connoisseur of good coffee, and it’s his vision of redeeming the taste buds of coffee drinkers that led us to naming the company Redemption Coffee. 

While Jonathan has a small amount of time to dedicate to Redemption Coffee (being a full-time pastor at a local church in Jefferson County), we still consider him to be an integral part of our initial vision and what we’re all about.  He will play a pivotal role in Redemption’s future plans to educate coffee drinkers on how to best experience coffee in all of its stages. 

When he’s not working for the church you can find him with his beloved wife and four children, somewhere reading an endless stack of books, or working on his pickup basketball skills.

We’re proud to have Jonathan as a leader of our company!

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