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Scientifically Delicious Coffee

Creating scientifically delicious coffee starts with the farmers and ends with delicious coffee in your mug.  Every step along the way is vital to making that happen, and we dedicate a lot of energy and resources to make sure of it. 

Our roasters use computers, thermometers, and timers to make sure every roast follows our perfected process for each bean origin, and we help educate our drinkers on the best ways to prepare and drink these coffees for the best experience. There's a lot of care that goes into this process, but the science is the most important part.


Most don't know that coffee actually starts out as a fruit or cherry on a tree. The soil these trees are grown in, as well as the amount of sun they receive, are major factors in the flavor and quality of the fruit.


The seeds inside these cherries absorb their flavor. They are what some refer to as 'coffee beans'. We work with the best farmers around the world to choose the best seeds with the best flavors.


Roasting coffee, like baking, is chemistry. The right timing and temperature make or break a roast, and roasted beans can go stale if not consumed in 2-3 weeks. The average coffee drinker hasn't had properly roasted coffee, or fresh coffee. We pride ourselves on fantastic roasting procedures and fresh product.

Redemption Recipe

The Redemption recipe is quality, fresh coffee and educated drinkers who understand how to brew for the best flavors. This is why we put roast dates on the bags, teach how to brew better coffee and pick the best farms.